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NEC Installs New Automated Fingerprint Identification System in China

on 07 7, 2011

NEC Installs New Automated Fingerprint Identification System in China

Beijing and Tokyo – NEC Corporation (NEC) announced today the deployment of one of China’s largest and fastest automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) in Anhui Province. The new NEC system is mainly used to screen for criminals or suspects based on fingerprints left at crime scenes.

The system rapidly matches fingerprint data collected from crime scenes with pre-registered data in order to support the identification of fingerprints from criminal investigations. There are more than 1,800 AFIS terminals operated by the Anhui Province Public Safety Authority and an additional 500 AFIS terminals are planned for the future. This is one of the largest AFIS systems in China, capable of registering fingerprint data for more than ten million people. Within three months of launching this new system, it matched the same number of fingerprint hits as the entire previous year.

Currently most of the AFIS in China are small or independent systems that are incompatible and difficult to coordinate between other provinces. Due to an increasing demand for cooperation between provinces, interoperable and large-scale systems are required.

The main features of the newly installed AFIS at Anhui Province are as follows:
1. One of China’s largest AFIS systems, capable of registering fingerprint data for more than ten million people.

Most of the AFIS installed in China are limited to handling less than five million people’s fingerprint data. The new system can search and reference the fingerprint data for more than ten million people.
2. Average time of thirty seconds to match fingerprint data

NEC’s fingerprint matching system can compare approximately ten million people’s fingerprint data in an average of thirty seconds. This time-saving system not only improves workplace efficiency, but also provides high precision, world-class finger print matching technology.

In addition to its speed and accuracy, NEC’s fingerprint identification system can be used for large-scale systems that require far-reaching fingerprint data matching capabilities. NEC’s accomplishments in this field extend to installations in more than thirty countries around the world. Looking forward, NEC aims to further enhance its public safety business while contributing to the safety and well-being of society.

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