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J.P. Morgan Releases HEDGE:ahead, A Guide to Launching Hedge Funds in Asia

on 03 27, 2011

Hong Kong – J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services has today announced the release of HEDGE:ahead, a comprehensive resource guide aimed at helping hedge funds in Asia navigate the complexities of launch.

HEDGE:ahead, which was developed by J.P. Morgan’s Hedge Fund Services team in conjunction with leading industry experts from across the region, features articles that examine areas of critical importance for new funds such as jurisdiction and regulatory issues; fee structures; service provider selection; and technology systems and processes. In addition to J.P. Morgan, contributors to HEDGE:ahead include the Alternative Investment Management Association (“AIMA”); Axxsys Consulting; EurekaHedge; Ogier and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Adam Wallace, Head of Hedge Fund Services, Asia Pacific, J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services, said: “When a hedge fund is preparing to launch, its managers invariably focus their efforts on developing the right investment theme and the most appropriate trading strategy – and raising capital, of course. However, even with a successful trading strategy, a robust operational structure is crucial. If funds want to attract investors, they’ll need to partner with leading service providers, incorporate strong EMS / OMS systems, establish effective segregation of duties and integrate comprehensive operating procedures. Funds must design themselves from the outset to successfully complete institutional-grade due diligence reviews.”

Wallace added: ”HEDGE:ahead is a key resource in making the set up process as simple as possible. It will give managers better visibility over complex areas such as regulations, legal and auditing processes and technology considerations, thereby soothing the growing pains that inevitably accompany an expanding hedge fund and ensuring the fund can scale-up smoothly and efficiently as new investors come on board.”

The full HEDGE:ahead guide is now available online at

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